Go To Jail For Drug Mules

british women drugs charge

When I first heard the story of the two British women caught with 11kg of cocaine in their luggage in Peru I felt so sorry for them.  They had been forced to, innocent victims, could it happen to any of us? Then my cousin who is about their age walked in and was certain they did it.  She said girls get duped on holiday resorts as they think it’s glamorous and that they can get rich quick.

Michaella McCollum Connolly, who lives in Northern Ireland, and Melissa Reid, from Scotland  have made guilty pleas in order to receive shorter prison sentences and the possibility of serving the sentences in Britain.  Their lawyer will argue that Peruvian prisons are overcrowded and that Peru will save a lot of money sending them home.  Britain should say no thanks, it costs us a lot more to keep prisoners over here!!  Although it might be more pleasant for the two women, why should they be allowed to choose where they serve and how can the Peruvian government compel Britain to take them???

The two women maintain their innocence and claim they were held at gunpoint from Ibiza all the way to Peru.  I agree with the authorities that they had ample time to notify someone of their compromised position especially during security checks at airports.

Should we give them the benefit of the doubt??


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