You’re Telling Me To Put Bum Cream On My Face?

waitrose baby bottom butter

Errr yeah, I am telling you to put bum cream on yo’ face. Do it!

This is no secret, women have been buying Waitrose’s Baby Bottom Butter and applying it on their face for a couple of years now (at night only). And, it only costs a mere £2.89, god, I’m good to you.

Don’t mess with my recommendations ya know, I usually only rub Creme de la Mer on my face so when I first heard about the fact that mumsnet were going crazy over this product, the snob in me thought “yah, that’s what having babies does to you, you can only afford to put cheap crap on your face”.

I’ve been using this for a week now. It’s good. Don’t use if you have oily skin but otherwise, ah likes it, ah likes it a lot. I love the texture and the smell is lovely. Like cocoa butter but really really feint rather than gross overpowering Palmer’s stuff.

I will probably go back to expensive stuff and use this more as body cream (keeps your skin really soft and again, nice smell!) but if you are ever strapped for cash it’s a nicer filler until your funds pick up again!


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