Who’s The Daddy?

As Unesco members voted overwhelmingly in support of independent Palestinian membership the USA decided to show everyone who the daddy is by withholding its funding to the world body that helps to protect world heritage sites.  The USA accounts for 22% of Unesco’s budget.  Simultaneously, Israel has decided to withhold customs revenues due to the Palestinian Authority also meant as punitive action for pressing ahead with their strive for independence.

Nice to know that we are all to support the Arab Spring as long as it doesn’t conflict with the USA’s agenda as neutral mediator for a peace process between Israel and Palestine.   Perhaps the US administration could buy a dictionary to check the meaning of neutral now that they have an extra $50 million in their account.


4 Comments to “Who’s The Daddy?”

  1. Their ties with Israel will never be independent and it is sickening that the US, even under Obama’s leadership, will not see the injustices here.

  2. These kinds of double standards are shocking. It sickens me to the core.

  3. Iceland has become the first country to acknowledge Palestine as an independent state, woop! Who would have thought Iceland would do something like that?

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