Criticising the Critic’s Choice

On this day today, one hundred years ago film criticism was born and hasn’t the influence of critics reduced dramatically since?  It is lovely to read about a film’s background and about squabbles on set during filming.  It is also wonderful to read the history behind a film from an authoritative writer such as historian Alex von Tunzlemann’s column for the Guardian, Reel History where she picks through the movie separating fact from fiction.

However, everyone is a film critic nowadays and, at least to me, the opinions of movie critics doesn’t mattter one bit in helping me decide what movie I will see.  My sister and I used to watch Barry Norman for reviews and check the weekend newspapers but actually we all have our own tastes and will often discuss movies with our own peer group than listen to the opinion of a stranger.  When critics started recommending tosh like Dances With Wolves it was time to move on!


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