Veggie Heaven in Primrose Hill


Ok, so I am a veggie but I don’t like vegetarian restaurants, certainly not vegan ones. Lettuce munchers, allergic to good taste. It’s just something about the atmosphere in them that turns me off. A room full of veggies, a crazy night does not make.

Ah, Manna. Primrose Hill. Beautiful people. Warm evening. Ice cold prosecco.
Manna is one of the oldest veggie/vegan restaurants in London on Erskine Road in Primrose Hill. It is lush. Fab decor, easy service and relaxed vibe. When was the last time you went to a restaurant and some annoying waiter didn’t constantly try to top up your wine glass?

I felt very un-hassled. My friends and I arrived at 7 and left at 11.30pm. We only spent £40 per head including tip.

My main was the pasta special. To be perfectly honest, it was a bit shit. I felt like I was eating pasta and pesto, only it wasn’t as good as out of jar. My dessert was sticky toffee pudding with vegan ice cream, it was amazing. I never ever thought I could say that about vegan ice cream which sounds odd like halal bacon!

Did I mention the wall-to-wall famous people? The paparazzi famously sit outside this restaurant to snap the clientele. In a small place, there were easily about five faces I recognised.  Dress down for Manna but in expensive neutrals.

Go! Enjoy!

4 Erskine Rd, London NW3 3AJ, United Kingdom
+44 20 7722 8028


2 Comments to “Veggie Heaven in Primrose Hill”

  1. Do veggie restaurants have a meat or fish option like normal restaurants have a veggie option? If not, it’s not very fair…

    • A very good point. No, there is no meat/fish option which is probably why the atmosphere is always a little dull in veggie restaurants. Hardly any of my fun friends would consider going to a veggie restaurant “a good night out”.

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