Debt Crisis

Deal with your debt and help Britain economy in its road to recovery is the message from Prime Minister David Cameron today at the Tory party conference in Manchester. His speech has baffled me today. Speaking to the conference as if the nation are 5 year olds, he makes assumptions that those in debt can somehow rustle up the money to pay them off. Surely, if they could do that, then they wouldn’t be in debt?

Whilst I appreciate that there are many who have found themselves in debt due to frivolity, easy access to funding and living beyond their means, I also do believe that there are as many whose circumstances have left them falling short each month. Maybe they haven’t had a pay rise in years to help them with the growing cost of living. Maybe they have lost their jobs and the banks will not help them with their mortgage payments. Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t their fault.

Today, David Cameron, was as far removed from society, as I have ever heard him. He is estimated to be worth around £30million. His monthly worries on whether he can pay the mortgage, gas bill or even afford the MOT on a car will not be an issue. He is right to bring to the forefront the issues of personal debt but I really do wish he had chosen a less patronising phrase.

Once again I find myself questioning whether these people in charge of this country know what they are doing, or are they stumbling through with the regularly used tagline “we are in this together”.


4 Comments to “Debt Crisis”

  1. I can’t stand David Cameron, and I swore I’d leave the country when he got voted in. Whenever something like this comes out of his mouth, it reminds me of the promise I made to myself. Unfortunately there a world recession and moving country has no longer become to easy. But I’m on the case…

  2. City Slave, I am with you on this one. I too for the first time in my life am considering moving from England. I feel so let down by this country but do wonder where else is any better????

  3. I think it’s a bit unfair to hold it against David Cameron for being rich – just because he doesn’t know what it feels like to make sacrifices to make mortgage payments does not mean he cannot govern.

    Lord Wilberforce hardly “connected” with black slaves when he campaigned to free them.

  4. He has had almost two years to try and sort the economic mess out though but it still feels like election week. The Bank of England is still carrying out measures it started under Labour and they don’t seem to have a grip on the situation.

    I would like David Cameron to explain to us in a reassuring and confident manner that he has a plan for the future of Britain and also explain to us that if we are all in it together why, in the spirit of Animal Farm, are some of us in it more than others?

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